Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Etsy Shop

I started a new etsy shop.  I have found that although I adore creating art, in doing so I somehow seem to lose my spirituality. I wanted to somehow separate my art/crafts from my magical items/talismans and so Where The Bracken Grows was born.  Immediately I felt a sort of fullness..of my spirit's return! I feel my magical, inner goddess has returned!  Perhaps spellwork and magic can become part of my daily routine again.  I set up altar space and through doing so I am reminded to meditate, to connect with my animal totems/spirit guides and my ancestral beings.  I have started reading the runes again and I am even hoping to start my reiki practice finally.  It's amazing how one small change can lead to so much!
Check out my new shop here!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ogham Reading

I posted new ogham rune stones on etsy today and decided it would be beneficial for my own spirit and to assuage others curiosity for me to post an example of an ogham reading.. so, here goes....

My first question was

1)  What should be my focus over the next few months?

The ogham rune I drew was Nion, or Ash.  The meaning of this rune has to do with friends and allies and indicates a time of meeting lots of new people, or networking.

So my next question was

2) In what way would this benefit me and my family?

The rune I drew was Duir, or Oak.  Oak has to do with family, shelter, stability and strength.  The meaning of this rune for me, in this reading, was that I should network and grow my business in order to benefit my family.

My final question was

3) What will this do for my spirit and my spiritual growth?

I drew Saille, or willow which has to do with dreams and aspirations.  It has always been my dream to support myself through my artistic endeavors, so this rune stone was basically telling me to follow my dreams!