Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dream of a Wishing Tree

I have this dream from time to time.  In the dream I am walking across the heath and through the woodland, in the New Forest.  There is an ancient ash tree next to a stream where a house once stood.  Bits of pottery and glass bottles can be dug up round here, little treasures containing memories of the people who once lived here.  The tree has colourful ribbons dangling from its branches and stones laid out in a spiral round the roots.  Sometimes a brown pony drinks from the stream or a crow hops on one leg as if dancing for the spirit of the tree.  It is an ancient, wise, and kind tree.  I often sit with my back against the sturdy trunk and feel a presence... a wise, peaceful kind of presence.  The leaves dance in the wind almost sounding like a song.  This is a wishing tree.

It is more than a dream, it is a memory.  I have walked here.  I have communed with the tree spirit.  This is my sacred place, my spiritual home.  This is where I belong and where I yearn to be. My dreams of this place are always so real, so that I feel upon waking that I was actually home.  One day I will return and I will bring my son with me.  We will sit under the great ash tree, my dear friend, and he will pass on some of his wisdom, his earth wisdom to my son.

copyright 2010 Cait Gemmell art


Idea for new earth medicine

I have had this idea for awhile, but have begun to form more ideas in the past few days.  I have been making birch bark pouches/medicine bags for awhile now and thought I could expand on the idea and create custom talisman bags.  I will post this on my etsy store soon, but am still sketching and dreaming.  The idea thus far is for people to convo me about the purpose of the talisman/treasure pouch/medicine bag.  I will meditate on the person it is for and walk in the woods picking up little woodland treasures to fill the bag with.  This could be acorns, feathers, rocks, pine cones, etc. These woodland treasure pouches will be charged with healing reiki before I send them on.  These little charm bags can be worn as a necklace or carried in a pocket.
Please contact me on etsy or comment on here if you would be interested.

Blessed be!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hag Stone in Birch Bark Pouch

"Holey stone on wand'rings found,
Under foot, upon the ground,
Blessings on us all be bound."  This is a charm which was spoken throughout the British Isles upon discovering one of these rocks with naturally occuring holes.  These holes take thousands of years to form in these stones.  these holey stones are good luck talismans.  I found this one in the New Forest in England.  This stone comes wrapped in a handcrafted birch bark pouch which I have stitched with sinew.  I have others available on my etsy shop in the section- talismans.  Blessed be!

Firebird Sacred Talisman

After all the rain and cloudy weather, I felt an intense need for fire energy, and so I created a sacred talisman.  I call this "The Firebird Sacred Talisman."  This is a versatile piece of jewlery which can be worn as a crown, a necklace, wrapped as a bracelet or anklet or tied around the waist. Really the possibilities are endless.  I created this piece while meditating on the myth's of the firebird/phoenix and the meaning of colours and stones.  I have wrapped a 100% silk reclaimed ribbon in a beautiful shade of persimon orange/red around a brown suede cord.  At the centre is a carnelian gemstone in the shape of a warrior sphere (or a leaf) surrounded by scarlet red seed beads.  This talisman brings warmth, passion, focused energy and confidence.  Blessed be!