Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rites of Passage

Those who follow the old path know the importance of marking different passages in our life through sacred ceremony.  However, many people have forgotten the old ways, but from time to time they feel an empty space that needs to be filled.  Sometimes they are troubled by this.  My purpose is to reach out to these people who are making a transition and to create a sacred ceremony so that they feel the importance of working through this transition.  Most of the time these kinds of transitions aren't recognisable to the casual observer.  Inner transformations are rarely visible, but should be recognized and honored.  I want to honor every kind of transition in your life, from a simple choice to change your lifestyle, to a more obvious rite of passage such as when a girl has her first menstrual cycle, when a couple decides to get married or hand fasted, when a baby is about to be born, when someone dies.

These ceremonies will be created according to your personal beliefs and any deities you wish to invoke. As part of the ceremony I will create a sacred object for you to use in your ritual.

I can custom make a sacred object for use in your ritual, such as one of my shaman nests, a talisman, a bag of rune stones, a special crystal or stone necklace, a dream catcher.

The possibilities are endless.  The important thing to remember is "You are special and your inner struggles are important and should be honored."  It matters that you are about to become a mother for the first time and your whole life is about to change and will never be the same again.  It matters that you just lost a loved one and are struggling with grief, but must keep on going to work and carrying on like nothing changed.  It matters that you started bleeding and are developing breasts and are at that very sweet in-between child and woman hood.  It matters that you are doing some soul-searching and are realizing that you have been going through the motions of having a life without REALLY LIVING and you want to change that and want to find your potential.  I can help you mark these rites-of-passage with a beautiful ceremony that we create together.

Contact me at with rite of passage as the subject or connect through my facebook page

What a Tree Sees.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to view the world from the perspective of a tree?  Some trees are ancient and must have witnessed much in their long lives.  I was thinking about my friend, the great ash wishing tree in my New Forest home and I wondered how the landscape had changed in the years since this tree was first planted.  So this photograph is the view of the world from the trees perspective.  What do you think a tree sees?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Erda's Fountain

I have not posted a blog in quite some time as life has been very full of late.  The biggest change that has occurred has to do with my shop on etsy.  I have changed directions and am focusing on creating gift items/magical tools for people going through a transformation/rite of passage.  I create bird nest sculptures which have been charged with reiki and my own pagan faery magic in order to help the person through their transformation.  These have been created for many different rituals/rites of passage, including weddings (as the ring bearer nest and as decorations), blessingways for pregnant mamas, and for people dealing with loss.  
My new etsy shop is called Erda's Fountain (pronounced Erth-a) named for the Norse earth goddess who lives near the roots of Yggdrasil (The great ash World Tree) and waters the tree from her fountain or well.  She is the mother of The Norns and as such has to do with fate and weaving the web of life.  I also create sacred Native American inspired dreamcatchers, created in sacred ritual space as I sing chants, blessed with reiki and smudged with sage and juniper.  As I created eco-art around my own ancient ash wishing tree in my New Forest home in England, the name is appropriate for it connects my eco-art with my pagan/shamanic roots, my woven nests and dream catchers which are also healing art.  I am very excited about these changes and about how the new shop name came to me.  Blue jays kept appearing for me and I keep finding their feathers.  I had an incredible experience recently. I kept hearing blue jays and I thought "I would be so happy if a blue jay would gift one of its feathers to me."  Immediately after this thought, I manifested the actual feather!  I was called to walk up a hill and just as the spirits of the wind pushed me along to the top, I stopped and looked down and there was my feather at my feet!  I knew I had to follow these clues and one thing led to another until I discovered Erda and her fountain.

So welcome to Erda's Fountain!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Tidings

Happy blissful Spring!!!  The ice has melted and the snowdrops are blooming.  We had a walk yesterday and I gathered rocks to paint and turn into rune stones and talismans.  Ginny (our ginger cat) ventured outside for the first time in months.  Life is sweet. I am working on many dream catchers and have taught two dream catcher workshops this month. We even created ritual space for the second one, chanted and smudged the dream catchers with cedar.  It was a beautiful blessing ceremony.
Here are a few photo's to express my feeling of spring in the air and the projects I am working on.

 Mama and baby Harry.  Harry loved his walk in nature.  We saw the waterfalls which have finally thawed.  We heard birdsong and saw many birds.  Spring is here!!

 Rocks that we gathered on a walk which I plan to turn into miniature works of art and rune stones.
working on a mixed media painting based on my drawing of the creature who creates the constellations.  Some of my artwork and dream catchers can be seen in the background.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Sky

The snow falls heavily, coating everything in silvery white sparkles.  I feel like I am inside a snowglobe, filled with icing sugar and silver glittery stars.  It's quite magical.  And it fits in nicely with this beautiful treasury featuring one of my photographs.  So I would like to take a moment to post my favourite items from the treasury on by Ludmila from Amay Art, simply called "Winter Sky."
The third photo is my own.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bird Nests

Thank you Jessica Sawchuk for the gift of a birds nest!  I had been working from photographs as my inspiration for these nests, but oh look how much inspiration you have given me!  It is such a treat to see my textile art bird nests side by side with the real thing! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pretty Fairy Treasures

I am in the mood for Spring!  As the weather gets colder and drearier my thoughts turn more and more to the coming Spring.  I dream of soft, fuzzy things and new growth.  I have been making lots of tiny bird nests.  These fairy wishing nests are magical nests for you to keep the deepest desires of your heart.  Store your wishes in the nest where a fairy will keep them safe and warm and just watch them grow as spring returns!  You can also store your treasures in these nests. I have little acorns and pinecones from my woodland wanders stored in my nest as well as this homemade soap which I formed into tiny egg shapes.  I also have bigger nests available on etsy now. These larger nests come with a homemade beeswax candle which smells like lilacs and spring!  So lovely!  Would be a nice Ostara/Easter gift. My creative energy is still quite high. I handpainted a buffalo tooth for my partner for Valentine's Day. It was very difficult, but I loved every minute! I have also been experimenting with fashion design and transformed an old skirt which I never wore into a lovely fairy skirt which I hope to wear lots! I believe I create more in the Winter, so as to escape the winter blues.  Once the weather is warmer I want to just be in nature and have my hands in the soil again. I can't wait to plant a garden!!! How do you survive winter?? I create art, cook stews and other warm food, bake, drink tea and read comforting stories.  And of course I cuddle my love and my son.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Treasures

I am dreaming of the perfect Valentine's Day and browsing the lovely selection of items that are available through  Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for me, but this year I think it will be somewhat special as it is our baby son's first Valentines. When he is a bit older we can make paper valentines together, but this year we will spend some quality family time together and if we get the chance to get to Ithaca we will venture to our friend's shop The Art and Found and get  our tarot cards read by another friend.  Here is the link for the event. 

Today is another quiet day at home with my son, but the sun is shining and the weather is warmer, so I think we will take a woodland wander and perhaps pay a visit to the goats and chickens.  But first... If I could pick my dream Valentine's Day, this is what it would be like....

We would spend the day in Oxford, have lovely hot chocolate served from a beautiful tea pot and something scrumptious for breakfast.  We would explore some of the shops, especially book stores and quaint garden stores and then we would happen upon a rusty garden gate which leads to...(insert ideas here) a beautiful secret garden, or a fairy realm, or any number of places.  Where would you want the gate to lead to?  Oh and I have included photo's of my dream outfit.  So that is my fantasy valentines day. What is yours?

Photos's from top left
1. Travel Photography, Balcony on George St, Oxford by Lix Hewett
2. Gold retro handpainted tea pot by Sanja
3. Oxford photo, Broad Street by Lix Hewett
4. Hand knit women's grey cloche by Zojka Shop
5.Grey handknitted poncho capelet by Malgorzata Drozd
6. Dusky Rose Cuffs by Flora of Inner Wild
7. Adjustable vintage brass locket ring with moon by Victoria of Inmost Light
8. Thigh high leg warmers in charcoal heather by Sharon H   
9. garden gate photo by Sue of First Light Photo

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Give Away!!!

I am feeling that a spring give-away is just the thing, so if you fancy receiving a very special made for you birds nest PLUS a surprise gift then enter my spring contest through etsy.  The winner will be chosen on March 21st, so there is plenty of time to enter.  Read on for the guidelines.

1. Create a treasury, or 2 or 3 on etsy using any item from either of my shops.  Please no more than 3 treasuries per person.
2. The treasury must be centred on any of the following themes...
Spring Trends, April Showers, Woodland, Fairytale, Wedding, or Mythology
3. please tag your treasuries with the theme you have chosen from above.
4. Share your treasury on social media sites and/or your blog.
5.  Like my facebook page!
6. And finally.. send me a message on etsy letting me know you have entered the contest and how you have met all of the requirements.
7. Winner will be chosen based on the quality of the treasury and must have met all of the requirements listed above.
8.Winner will be announced on 21st of March!

shop links...

facebook page

Tuesday Morning Musings

It's been a quiet morning at home for me and the little elf.  Harry explored this new world of his while I had breakfast (rice bowl with tamarind, tamari, cilantro and sesame seeds and a cup of tea with coconut milk) and sketched. I've become fascinated by a new shop on etsy (new for me), called Microscopic Art. Perhaps I had one art work in particular in mind as I created my morning sketch as there is a bit of a resemblance.

I am constantly amazed by the beauty that is found in nature. I am still inspired by mother earth in my creations above all.

I've been experimenting with candle-making and soap-making.  I am attempting to make tiny egg shaped soaps and/or candles to go with my birds nests.  Which would you prefer?  The candles would mostly be beeswax and essential oil and the soap either glycerin soap or french milled soap.  Perhaps I will make some of each.  I suppose I could make chocolate eggs for Ostara as well as it is just round the corner.  We made waldorf style candles the other day and I love the whimsical wonky shapes.  I find them so charming and quite organic in shape.  I can't wait for Harry to be old enough to help out with creative projects.  I wonder what he will enjoy the most?  He created his first sketch the other night.  I held the pen and he pulled on the paper and together we created something beautiful!! :)  I feel so grateful with the knowledge that my son is growing up in such a creative and warm environment.  Blessings to you all on this beautiful day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recent Creations from the home of the Acorn Cabinet

What a lovely few days it has been!  There has been lots of creative energy flowing to us as we tend towards hibernation these bitterly cold winter days.  The Birch Full Moon has just passed and I attribute the positive creative energy to the energies of the moon as she grew from maiden to mother.  I have been drawing again, which is something I have struggled with since leaving art school.  My drawings lately have been more intuitive and reflect my dreams and hidden depths within my unconscious mind.  I rarely draw realistic drawings anymore, but prefer to capture the spirit.  My drawings are influenced by mythology, fairy tales, spiritual matters, magic, etc.  I feel like I have gotten in touch with my inner child again, perhaps from watching my own son explore the world.  It is the most magically wonderful feeling to watch a baby make sense of this foreign place.  Even the tiniest, most insignificant object can be viewed with wonderment and awe.  I am hoping this feeling will stay with me.  Alan and I have both been baking.  Alan made the most scrumptious bread and I just made a lemon cake, which I plan to make for my lovely mum's birthday and Imbolg on the 1st of February.  I've been making birds nests still.  The one pictured below is one of the tiniest ones and one of my favourites.  It is made almost entirely of yarn, thread and reclaimed fabric and feathers from the pet chickens which wander freely in our woodland.  I love the feel of this one in my hand.  It fits perfectly in my palm and has such lovely energy.  I am sure some faery must have blessed it.  It is the perfect nest for leaving wishes.  I see it as a sort of portal. I've been making 'real' nests as well using materials from nature with perhaps just a bit of yarn or thread.  These nests have been inspired by this wonderful book of photographs of nests from around the world.  I was amazed at how different each  nest was.  Some are made from moss, some are more of a beehive shape, some are made from twigs, some are soft and feathery like the fabric ones I have been creating.  The last photo in my post shows one of these more realistic nests.  I have created it on a pine branch.  I am not finished with it yet, and the photo really isn't the best, but I am pleased with the whole process.  I am attempting to make them without any tools, only my fingers and scissors to cut long pieces of yarn.  You really can't tell from the photograph, but it is quite a lot larger than the tiny white nest shown here.  it is the largest nest I have made thus far.  I will try to post photo's of the nest when I feel it is finished.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Front Page Treasury of Etsy!!!!

My dear friend Jessica's lovely necklace was featured on the front page of etsy!!! Congratulations to Jessica and here is a photo of her gorgeous necklace.  I have one of these necklaces and it is so very soft, lightweight and lovely.  It definitely contains some fairy magic.  So for all you magical beings out there, support the arts and buy one of her necklaces or art works from her etsy shop.

Please visit her shop here...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pray to the Moon: Wandering (not far): The Language of Snow

Pray to the Moon: Wandering (not far): The Language of Snow

I can relate to this!


My little elf slept soundly and my creature of creativity was awakened.  These are the fruits of my endeavors. Sometimes rocks call out to me, "pick me up and put me in your pocket, carry me home with you," and so I do.  The two larger grey rocks were found right here in upstate New York and the little golden my beloved New Forest home in England. I believe I will be posting some of these on my etsy store
but I am not so sure that I can part with the smaller golden rock as it is so very special to me.  I turned it into a god/dess sacred rock.  With these rocks I peer into them until I see images form.. usually faces appear immediately.  I start by drawing the faces and then I progress from there.  The second picture shows the god side of the god/dess rock.  This was the side that I created first, as I saw the face.  It is also a moon/sun stone as the god is associated with the sun and the goddess with the moon.  
 The largest of the rocks seemed to call out to be turned into an oak leaf/acorn, so I have drawn the sort of logo for my shop.  I have a story behind the silver dots.  These tiny dots appear in my work over and over again.  It all started when I was a child (seven years old or thereabouts) at Stourfield First School.  My classmates and I created masks for a play, "The Firebird", and my mask was very intricate with these swirly dots in jewel tones.  To my child mind/spirit these swirly dots represented magic, perhaps fairy dust, but they were the workings of a spell.  Over the years I seemed to gravitate away from this, but from time to time they would sneak into my work.  During my art school days, I found this style again and it has stayed with me ever since.
I am swarming with ideas, but have far too little time to pursue all of them.  And yet, I have a feeling that most of them will come into being one way or another.
This was my creative spell last night, does anyone else have similar late night creative musings?