Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Tidings

Happy blissful Spring!!!  The ice has melted and the snowdrops are blooming.  We had a walk yesterday and I gathered rocks to paint and turn into rune stones and talismans.  Ginny (our ginger cat) ventured outside for the first time in months.  Life is sweet. I am working on many dream catchers and have taught two dream catcher workshops this month. We even created ritual space for the second one, chanted and smudged the dream catchers with cedar.  It was a beautiful blessing ceremony.
Here are a few photo's to express my feeling of spring in the air and the projects I am working on.

 Mama and baby Harry.  Harry loved his walk in nature.  We saw the waterfalls which have finally thawed.  We heard birdsong and saw many birds.  Spring is here!!

 Rocks that we gathered on a walk which I plan to turn into miniature works of art and rune stones.
working on a mixed media painting based on my drawing of the creature who creates the constellations.  Some of my artwork and dream catchers can be seen in the background.

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  1. Oh! Laundry on the line! This warms my heart after a weekend of more snow! :)