Thursday, July 18, 2013

Erda's Fountain

I have not posted a blog in quite some time as life has been very full of late.  The biggest change that has occurred has to do with my shop on etsy.  I have changed directions and am focusing on creating gift items/magical tools for people going through a transformation/rite of passage.  I create bird nest sculptures which have been charged with reiki and my own pagan faery magic in order to help the person through their transformation.  These have been created for many different rituals/rites of passage, including weddings (as the ring bearer nest and as decorations), blessingways for pregnant mamas, and for people dealing with loss.  
My new etsy shop is called Erda's Fountain (pronounced Erth-a) named for the Norse earth goddess who lives near the roots of Yggdrasil (The great ash World Tree) and waters the tree from her fountain or well.  She is the mother of The Norns and as such has to do with fate and weaving the web of life.  I also create sacred Native American inspired dreamcatchers, created in sacred ritual space as I sing chants, blessed with reiki and smudged with sage and juniper.  As I created eco-art around my own ancient ash wishing tree in my New Forest home in England, the name is appropriate for it connects my eco-art with my pagan/shamanic roots, my woven nests and dream catchers which are also healing art.  I am very excited about these changes and about how the new shop name came to me.  Blue jays kept appearing for me and I keep finding their feathers.  I had an incredible experience recently. I kept hearing blue jays and I thought "I would be so happy if a blue jay would gift one of its feathers to me."  Immediately after this thought, I manifested the actual feather!  I was called to walk up a hill and just as the spirits of the wind pushed me along to the top, I stopped and looked down and there was my feather at my feet!  I knew I had to follow these clues and one thing led to another until I discovered Erda and her fountain.

So welcome to Erda's Fountain!

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